The Test

The test wasn’t bad at all. Our prof made half the class change seats before we started the test, and I ended up sitting next to the only hot girl in the class. I’ll take that.

Fun Day

Today I’ve got a test at noon in OS Scripting and a paper due for Writing for Interactive Digital Media at 6. WTF? I hate school. I got up at 8 am today. Not as early as yesterday, but still pretty early. Surprisingly, I’m not really too tired. Surprising because yesterday was Eric’s birthday, and the festivities lasted pretty late into the night. I am still a little drowsy, so I brewed up a pot of coffee. I’m just about done with my second cup. After I finish the coffee I’ll pick up where I left off making a one page teacher endorsed cheat sheet for the test. Then, after the test, I’ve got to come back and work on that damn paper. I hate school.


Stop the press. It’s like I’m on the cover of Newsweek and Time! Smiz put me up at the top of WCIFT. Can this day get any better?


Now I know I’ve made it big. I’m front page news at Oblivion Diaries. Of course, Lewis threw in a healthy amount of trash-talking. As far as the comments about Who Am I, I have this piece of advice for Mr. Lewis: The longer you go, the harder it is to come up with new material. Of course, trivia isn’t really that hard to come up with.


I’m in Programming for Digital Media right now. I pounded 2 cups of coffee before class. I still feel drowsy, but now I also feel kind of hot. I don’t think caffeine works on my system like it’s supposed to. For OS Scripting today I went in early, but I still didn’t come close to finishing the work before the 2 hours were up. Still, about 2/3 of the class didn’t finish, so I got 8 points out of 10.


Woke up at about 6 am today. I might do some work before I have class at 2. I mean, Sportscenter won’t update until at least 11 am.

Brian Lewis is Stealing My Ideas

Brian Lewis is stealing my ideas. First I had The List, wherein I listed peoples’ names in one column with their scores in a second column. Enter Ridiculously Difficult Daily Trivia. Total format ripoff. Later, I introduced a little feature called Who Am I. That page used an episodic format to challenge readers, and developed a real interactivity. To advertised that page, I used my IM info. Let’s review Lewis’s trivia. Episodic format? Check. Publicize it on IM info? Check. What can I say? Brian Lewis is stealing my ideas.

Spring Ahead

Just got back from OS Scripting lecture. Somehow I don’t feel any more awake after class than I did before it. I suppose if I take a shower it might help that. And if I eat something. I also didn’t get around to setting my clock ahead for Daylight Savings Time until last night. I woke up around 9 am and remembered that I had yet to change it. So my lost hour of sleep was Sunday night instead of Saturday.

The Best Part of the Day

It’s pretty late, but I’m not tired. I slept from about 11 pm until 1:30 am. I got up to microwave some Taco Bell from earlier today to find Eric and Chino awake, watching TV. I sat down and watched while I ate my taco. Around 2 or 3 they went to bed. What the heck? This is the best part of the day.