Dear Brian

Some advice for Mr. Lewis:

Lose the ego. 100 hits a day doesn’t make you important. And “when a person is at the top”? Time for a reality check, buddy.

Lose the thesaurus. Aphorism? Base? Balderdash? Are we playing Scrabble here?

Find a dictionary. Although the Cangemi pic is hilarious, “vomit” only has one “m.”

Finally, although this is a well crafted piece of prose – “spurting balderdash and hoping people pay attention” – I think it applies to Brian more than it applies to me.

Let me skim the rest of Lewis’ article for a minute to see if there was anything else worth mentioning …

Nope! Okay, that’s all the time I have for this edition. I’ve got to go read about Eddie Vedder’s political action committee.

Dear Brian