MLB Playoff Picks

Even though the MLB Playoffs started yesterday, I’m posting my picks now. It’s not BS, either, because even though the Red Sox lost game 1 I am sticking with them over the White Sox. My picks:

League Division Series:
New York Yankees – 3 games, Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim – 1 game
Boston Red Sox – 3 games, Chicago White Sox – 1 game
San Diego Padres – 0 games, St. Louis Cardinals – 3 games
Houston Astros – 2 game, Atlanta Braves – 3 games

League Championship Series:
Boston Red Sox- 2 games, New York Yankees – 4 games
Atlanta Braves – 1 game, St. Louis Cardinals – 4 games

World Series:
St. Louis Cardinals – 2 games, New York Yankees – 4 games

Yeah, it’s homerism. I’m picking the Yankees. But their pitching has come around, their offense is running on most or all cylinders. I don’t think the White Sox are for real. The Astros-Braves series will be the most exciting series of the postseason. The Padres are outclassed by the Cardinals.

The Yanks will pick off the Red Sox because Boston’s pitching staff is in bad shape, and all their hitters except Manny and Ortiz seem to be tired. They’ll get some 2-run shots, some 3-run shots, but they won’t get by New York. I think Atlanta will keep the games against St. Louis close, but lose in five.

Finally, I don’t think the Cardinals have the fire to get by the Yankees. They’ve been bored since August. They’ll phone it in against the Padres. The Braves series will only go five, but it’ll wear them down. They’ll scrape a couple against the Yankees, get blown out in one or two, and drop the rest.

MLB Playoff Picks

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