Got Tickets to the Braves Game

So I’m watching the Astros-Braves game on TV today, and it’s not a sellout. So I think to myself, “I wonder if tickets are available for game 2.”

They are.

I got a ticket. That’s singular. I’m pathetic. But anyway, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. And tomorrow night. The game is scheduled for 8 PM. Roger Clemens is starting. And John Smoltz. My seat is up the third base line, near the left field corner.

Because of the rain, I actually expect a rain-out. But they’d have to play the game Friday, which is fine with me. Although rain is in the forecast for Friday, too. And Saturday. Maybe they will play it Thursday.

I hope to score one of those red foam tomahawks.

Got Tickets to the Braves Game