Online Bookmarks

I’ve been waiting for Google to implement a decent online bookmarks system (better than what they offer now) for several months. Four of my previous posts have talked about it to some degree — if you don’t believe me just type “google bookmarks” into my search box.

The Quick View box in Google Sidebar just doesn’t cut it, and the personalized homepage kind of provides the functionality, but now that I use Sidebar I don’t use the personalized homepage anymore …

So I heard about a while ago, probably from Lewis, but I never registered for it. I was probably using Yahoo’s Bookmarks by then, in conjunction with the Yahoo Toolbar (which is still the best online bookmark implementation I’ve seen). The thing is, I switched from Yahoo Email to Google’s Gmail, and I’m about 90% certain that the Yahoo Toolbar slowed down Firefox a little bit. So after my last format I didn’t install the Yahoo Toolbar.

Fortunately Yahoo offers, which is where you need to go to rename or rearrange these bookmarks. It’s also the only way to access them if you don’t have the toolbar installed. Well, a few days ago the site broke. You type it in, you get the login screen, you submit your password, and … you end up back at the login screen. Every time. 100%. Browser independent. And I can find nothing on the Internet about this happening to anyone else. Also, I can find no way to contact a person at Yahoo about this problem. So they can F off.

So I registered for It’s good, not great. I want a menu, not a website. But I don’t want to keep track of them on my computer for when I format my hard drive. Networked bookmarks just make too much sense!

Online Bookmarks