Around the new year, I had some problems with my Netvibes page.  For two days, I couldn’t access my bookmarks.  As a result, I began to build my own bookmark manager.  Then Netvibes answered my support email with a resolution to the problem, and I stopped working on my project.

On the same day Netvibes responded to my email, I was laid off from my job.  After a few weeks of not writing any code, I got the itch, and decided to move forward with the bookmark manager.  For two or three weeks I spent up to five hours a day, five or six days a week, getting the thing up and running.  Once I got it to a feature-complete state, I stared at it for a few days, enabled user registration, and gave the URL to a couple friends.

I applied twice to Google AdSense, and got shot down both times.  I was waiting to blog about it until I incorporated ads, but now I don’t know if that’ll happen.

The site is fully functional.  Still, there may be bugs, and there may be some obvious features that I missed.  If you register, you’ll get an email, and I set up feedback at fav dot premo dot biz for, well, feedback.

If you sign up, remember: each link can have more than one tag.  For example, I might tag ajc.com with news and atlanta, I might tag espn.com with news and sports, and might tag atlantafalcons.com with sports and atlanta.

Oh — the URL: fav.premo.biz.