Why I Haven’t Posted Lately

I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been about three weeks.

I mean, of course you’ve got the Christmas holiday — I went home for a week, and Mom and Pop still have dial-up in Chipmonk. Then there’s the busy-ness before the break, the stuff after. And don’t forget New Year’s.

So that only gets me to about January 3rd. I actually started a rather lengthy post. No, let me rephrase that: I wrote a lot for a post. And then I lost it all. PowWeb was having issues with MySQL that day, and I lost the post. Pfft. Gone. Up in smoke.

The post was about IM clients — Gaim and AIM Triton. I wrote a bunch of stuff about features, my experiences trying each out, and why I chose not to use either. I hadn’t gotten to the part about how the crap Triton put on my system has left me considering a format.

That post was also the first time I had tried out WordPress 2.0’s authoring interface. It’s a little bit different, and a little prettier, but I must point out that it doesn’t work well with the Google Toolbar Spellchecker. This leaves me feeling very melancholy. Hopefully I spelled “melancholy” right, because I sure as hell ain’t gonna spellcheck it.

So yes. There’s a post. Happy New Year. If the Colts had managed a miraculous come from behing win today, I would have made a post today with the words “holy crap” involved.

Why I Haven’t Posted Lately