MyLinkVault: Better

Two weeks ago I mentioned MyLinkVault, and said I would review it shortly. I didn’t. The reason I didn’t is because I told the developer, Thomas Rice, what I didn’t like about it, and he carried out many of my suggestions. (!)

I like it better than It’s still one of my homepages, but only because there’s so much stuff in there that I haven’t moved to MyLinkVault yet. And it’s not because MLV doesn’t have a good add links system — it’s because I’m lazy.

Before I make my recommendation I want to say this. If you like because it’s a social bookmark manager, then don’t switch to MyLinkVault. However, if you use because it’s a networked bookmark manager, then by all means, take a good look at MyLinkVault.

My number one favorite feature on MyLinkVault is that you can see more than one category of links onscreen at one time. On, or even on a web browser’s local bookmarks/favorites, I was forced to organize my links in one of two ways: easy to access, or easy to find. I feel that with MLV, you can do both.

MyLinkVault offers buttons that you can add to your browser’s link bar which allow you to add a page to MLV very quickly and without opening up a new browser window/tab.

I recommend any networked bookmark solution over any local/hard drive based bookmark solution, and I recommend MyLinkVault over any other solution I have encountered.

[UPDATE] I emailed Thomas Rice about this post and he said he plans on rolling out some improvements within a week or so. I look forward to them.

MyLinkVault: Better