Weblogs … Snatched?

Now before you click on the following headlines, just read them:

AOL snaps up blog publisher Weblogs

VeriSign snags Weblogs.com

Almost looks like one of them’s got to be wrong, right? But they’re not. The company AOL acquired is Weblogs Inc., whose URL is weblogsinc.com. The two companies offer different services. Weblogs.com is a ping service, which alerts users when blogs are updated. Weblogs Inc. hosts several blogs.

You could say it’s a coincidence and not a trend because the companies offer different services, but I think it’s a trend because large, high-profile companies are scooping up small companies focused on blogging software and services.

Google bought out Blogger.com over a year ago. Look out for WordPress or MoveableType to get gobbled up.

Weblogs … Snatched?