ESPN Gripe

Let me get this straight — as part of the Trifecta, Baseball Tonight gets twenty measley minutes … but Sportscenter gets ninety?

Regarding Sportscenter: First off, they throw in stuff like WNBA draft news to fill ninety minutes. Second, yesterday at 6 PM before the first commercial break, around 6:15, they previewed a story about the new Buffalo Bills quarterback, JP Losman. I wanted to see the story, but for all I knew, it was an hour away!

Regarding BBTN: I want the full hour. I want to see a multiple hit outline of every game that day. Both leagues, top to bottom. I want to see one or more of the following: Harold Reynolds, John Kruk, Peter Gammons, and Tim Kurkjian. And preferably Karl Ravich. Larry Bowa’s okay, but I really don’t want him unless he’s next to Kruk.

By the way — whatever happened to Dave “Soup” Campbell?

Regarding “The Trifecta:” I don’t care about Between the Lines. I don’t want it for twenty minutes, I don’t want it for sixty minutes, and I sure as hell don’t want it cutting into my BBTN. And I don’t even know what the last part of the Trifecta is. NBA 2Nite? Who cares. Give me the Rockies recap. And give me 6-10 Web Gems every night. Five isn’t enough, and everybody knows it.

ESPN Gripe

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  1. Please note that all this week Baseball Tonight has gotten forty minutes, two-thirds of the Trifecta and effectively breaking the name … Someone at ESPN must be reading my site …

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