Wedding and Water

Brown’s wedding was a blast. I was in Buffalo for all or part of four days, and I had a blast the whole time. The wedding and reception were outstanding … I even enjoyed being an usher. Unfortunately I am behind on posting my pictures … it seems that almost all of them feature glaring red eye. My camera has a red eye removal feature, but usually most of the pictures turn out fine without it. Maybe it was the open bar … Hopefully I will post them sometime this weekend. Lewis has his wedding pics up, though. They turned out really well. Give ’em a peek.

This week at work was kind of abbreviated, which is nice in a way because I was kind of pooped after the wedding weekend. Monday we were looking out the office window at the unusual darkness, the horizontal rain, and the toppled trees. At 5:30 the power went out, but most of us have laptops that will run 3 or 4 hours per charge. When i drove home i got about a quarter mile up Chipmonk at 8 o’clock to find “Road Flooded” signs and a county worker telling drivers to wait an hour before proceeding any farther because there was a foot of water over the road. So I went to McDonalds and when I got back there was only about an inch of water.

Tuesday we were surprised to find that Coudersport, PA was still without electricity, that the Sheetz gast station was filled with people buying gasoline for their generators and food for their stomachs, and that there was more afternoon rain. That day the generator had to be turned off early, and the maintenance crew asked us to leave. So we left. I got to Chipmonk at about 7 and while it wasn’t as bad as the previous night, there was probably about 8 inches of water over the pavement. A guy in a pickup came down through the water, and he told me he thought I could make it, so I gave it a shot. I don’t know exactly how deep the water was, but the water line looked to be about a foot high on my car and I assume that some of that was probably due to splash. Water splashed up to my windows and onto the hood of my car. It was an interesting experience as I hoped my car wouldn’t stall. I suppose if it had I would have quite literally been “up a creek.”

Wednesday there was still no power in the town of Couderpsort, and the generator at our office conked out unexpectedly at about 2:30. For some reason our phones and LAN were also down, so there was an awful lot of work we just couldn’t do. We decided to leave and to also avoid Coudersport on Thursday. So my weekend started a little early. This was fine because I was still a little pooped all week after the wedding.

Today I slept in until 9:30. It rained again today, and it sounds like it is raining now. I expect it to rain tomorrow. I’m tempted to go into town just to see how deep the Allegany River is.

Wedding and Water