What the dilly, yo? What up, dog?

A new update exactly one month to the day since the last. What the hell happened? I come back to A-Town and stop posting? Unacceptable.

Sometimes I get ideas for posts that I think would just be great but then I completely forget the topic later. So I think to myself, “Try to remember when you had that idea, where you were, what time it was … try to associate yourself back into that same idea.” But it hasn’t been working lately. This fact convinces me that I get most of these “great ideas” either in dreams or when I am very nearly asleep. This theory means that the ideas probably weren’t really all that great.

In related news, I have had vivid dreams the last several nights that I could remember quite clearly after I woke up. (Does it ever occur to anyone else that the only difference between a vivid dream and a non-vivid dream is how clearly you can remember it after you wake up?) For a part of one dream I was a bird learning to fly for the first time. I managed to remember how birds take advantage of warm updrafts, so … I took advantage of warm updrafts. I think that for some reason a large percentage of my dreams involve me flying or floating. I have dreamt of travelling through a mall by floating several inches above the floor. I’ve also had experiences in which I wake up and very distinctly recall the sensation of weightlessness or falling. In the flying dreams, the sensation of flying is similar to the sensation of weightlessness.

You know how when someone is trying to lift you, you can shift your weight so that it is more difficult for that person to get you off the ground? Or, inversely, when you stand on your toes it is possible to shift your weight in such a way to facilitate this? Recalling these flying dreams … it’s like my brain knows how to get me off the ground, but I just can’t … complete the equation. It’s slightly maddenning.

Maybe it’s the fact that, because you’re laying down, your feet aren’t experiencing the normal gravity pressure, so your (my) brain translates that into flying/weightlessness.

As long as I’m talking about dreams, here’s a good one. Sometimes I’ll be dreaming that I’m walking, and I will actually try to move my legs, but they’re under the sheets, so it feels like I’m tripping. Then, instinctively, my legs snap out in front of me as I try to “get my balance.” That usually wakes me up.