Damn Spider

There has been a spider walking around my ceiling for about four days now. Every night it’s in a different place. Tonight I finally got up to kill it, but it’s directly above my TV, which is about the only place that puts it out of my reach. Damn spider.

One other thing: I thought this would be funny …

<asleep>Night time.</asleep> <awake>Day time.</awake>

Maybe “Night time” and “Day time” should be the tags and “asleep” and “awake” should be the text. I was gonna flesh this out a little but it’s a real pain in the ass to type the ASCII-esque code for the greater-than (>) and less-than (<) signs over and over. Is there such a thing as HTML humor?

Damn Spider

2 thoughts on “Damn Spider

  1. […] I was thinking about HTML humor again, as I sometimes do. I came across a web site that had an intro page, and the first content page was in a directory called “HTML.” I of course found this to be ridiculous. Putting your site in a directory called “HTML” is like putting stuff in a box and then writing “BOX” on the lid. (It took me about two minutes to think of that analogy.) Anyway, humor. The needless directory got me thinking that putting a site like 10 levels deep in completely nonrelated directories would be funny. Not really worth a laugh, but funny. […]

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