Brian Lewis is Stealing All My Ideas

First. How many times have I said it? How many times have I said it? Brian Lewis is stealing all my ideas. First I had The List, wherein I ranked people according to numerical totals. Then I created Who Am I?, an interactive, episodic feature that I advertised in my IM info. So what does Brian do? He creates Ridiculously Difficult Daily Trivia, an interactive and episodic feature, advertised on his IM info, with contestants ranked according to numerical totals.

Now. My first post on the latest DP page. I got a new IM name, a new email address, and a new URL. What’s Brian talking about on his latest post to Oblivion Diaries? New IM name. New email address. New URL. I mean, didn’t we sign a copyright accord after WWII?

Additionally. Chipmonk (as in Road, Valley, or Creek) is spelled with an O.

Regarding golf at the Genessee Community Club — first, the starter was a huge dick. Second … Eric Angello’s not gonna be joining the PGA anytime soon because, even though he owns his own clubs and has taken professional lessons and has been playing for years, his score was about as bad as mine. Oh, and he blamed his poor play on his clubs.

Enough with the rants. I’m moving to Arlington, Virginia this Saturday, October 5, 2002. I’m going to be living with my sister for an as of yet undetermined amount of time. I don’t have a job lined up yet, and that’s the main reason I won’t be living in my own place for a while. I’m excited. I like the area, I like the warm weather. Frankly, I expected to be out of Allegany by now, and I had subconsciously planned on never being here again to experience the weather cooling off. I’m glad that we’ve had some nice weather, but really I’m happier to be getting out of here.

Brian Lewis is Stealing All My Ideas