The Don Johnson Fuzzy Look

Did I ever buy a console for just one game?

It’s interesting. Some people might think that I bought two consoles for one game each, but I really only bought one console for one game.

See, I bought an Xbox and I bought Halo, but I didn’t buy the system just for that game. I bought the Xbox because it’s getting better games than the GameCube, it’s getting more games than the GameCube, and it’s got better graphics than GameCube or PS2.

And of course, I bought GameCube because I’ve always had Nintendo systems. After all, there’s always Mario, and I was looking forward to the new Perfect Dark and whatever else Rare put out. Now Microsoft has purchased Nintendo’s share in Rare and Rare’s stake in itself, and owns the company outright. So no more Perfect Dark on GameCube.

But the one console I bought for just one game? PS2. But it’s not what you think. I didn’t buy a PS2 for Grand Theft Auto III. I bought the PS2 for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I mean, a game that takes place in the 1980s? Built around the engine of the most popular game in the past 5+ years? I just couldn’t resist any longer. So I bought a PS2 and GTA3. I want to be ready when Vice City comes out.

So I’ve sold my soul. I’ll be writing a long letter to Nintendo in the coming days. It’ll be nostalgic and bittersweet. I’ll talk about our good old days with Super Mario Kart and Mario 64, and even about how when I played Perfect Dark I thought that “everything was gonna be okay.” But over the last few years we’ve kind of grown … distant. And those big, black boxes that play DVD movies just look so damn good. Sorry Nintendo, but … the magic’s gone.

The Don Johnson Fuzzy Look