Dems Rule!

In case you hadn’t heard, Democrats took back the House and the Senate on Tuesday. Also, we got back to a majority in the Governorships.


I hadn’t come up with a post about this, but I was browsing the archive and came across this gem: My post on election night 2004. The last four sentences:

We don’t have the house, we don’t have the senate, and we sure as hell don’t have the Presidency. We’re outnumbered 5-4 on the Supreme Court. Most of the Governors are Republicans. Things have to change.

Well, things have changed. Two out of the four things I mentioned have changed. Isn’t that awesome? On Wednesday I felt like it was the first day of Summer vacation. After 12 years of shit, we’re looking at two years of — at the very least — checks and balances. I’m hoping we get another thirty, or fifty, or hundred years of Democrat control of Congress. While we’re at it, how about the next Presidential election, too. (John Edwards and Wes Clark — get out there.)

Dems Rule!