K2: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

WordPress theme K2 recently updated with version 0.9.1. I downloaded it. I installed it. I’m unhappy with it.

My number one gripe? The fonts changed from Beta Two to 0.9. Why? It’s an arbitrary change. I had been using Beta Two for months and now I’m supposed to deal with tweaky bulls***? This is the sort of thing I deal with when I’m evaluating a potential theme, not when I’m applying an incremental update.

My number two gripe? Although there is an extrememly useful tool — new in 0.9 — that allows me to change my header image without using an FTP client, there is no toggle to turn off the header text. This sounds to me like it should be simpler to implement than an image uploader, parser, selecter, and hell — randomizer! This means that if people want to disable the header text, we’ve got to edit CSS. Not unheard of, but again — this is the sort of thing I look at when I’m evaluating a theme, not when I’m applying an update.

The tipping point? K2’s forum is down, and although the post that tells me this says the problem “might take up to a day or two,” that very post is over a week old, and the forums still aren’t back up. So I can’t read the old forum post that told me how to eliminate the header text.

As a result of these gripes, I have rolled my site back to K2 Beta Two.

PS — As of 0.9, there are spelling errors in the K2 admin interface. This is the sort of thing that should lessen as a product nears final release — not increase. Boo K2, boo.

K2: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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  1. K2 is back!…

    Okay, so trying to update K2 was really… fun. If you didn’t notice – my blog was down and I was working on getting K2 reinstalled. But this can only mean that I should just develop my theme as a branch from the official K2 development tree….

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