My Least Favorite Thing About Netvibes

I’m the type of person who leaves his computer on all the time. For the purpose of this post, I specifically leave it on while I’m at work.

Netvibes, which I have posted about before, is my first homepage. By first, I mean that it occupies the first tab when I launch Firefox. Netvibes pulls down your chosen RSS feeds throughout the day. When it encounters a problem, it pops up a little box like this one.

For the last two or three days, I’ve gotten home to find that same little box. Only, when I click OK, I find another little box just like it, right where the first one used to be. Ten minutes ago I arranged them all over the screen, and took a screenshot, which I have cropped here, but I think you get the basic idea.

That’s a lot of error messages.

I managed to click through all the visible message windows, but after that, a new one appeared when I clicked OK. When this happens (it’s happened more than once), I am forced to call up Task Manager and just kill Firefox.

I estimate that I clicked OK on 100 message boxes before killing Firefox today. I’ve only been gone about eleven hours.

Dear Netvibes: Fix this. If there’s an error, make the whole page crap out to a 404, or something. Anything besides this.

My Least Favorite Thing About Netvibes