GMail Code Hints at Coming Feature

Looking at the GMail’s javascript source gives a pretty good hint that Google is developing a service that will let you use GMail as a server rather than just a client, similar to what Yahoo provides. This article walks us through what he has found and imagines how a service like this would work.

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GMail Code Hints at Coming Feature

One thought on “GMail Code Hints at Coming Feature

  1. This is what a digg auto-post looks like. It’s not bad.

    The feature — which I don’t feel is described adequately in the blurb above — is the ability to have all the email on a domain (such as handled by Gmail’s interface. I already tried this out with and Microsoft Live, which runs through Hotmail. Unfortunately I despise Hotmail, but I was intrigued by the functionality, and the domain was just sitting there unused.

    As soon as Gmail unwraps this feature, I’ll switch over to it.

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