Flickr has a great user interface. It takes some getting used to, but once you find out that you can edit anything by clicking on it — no matter what screen you’re on — the utility increases greatly.

I’m uploading new sets now. This process will probably go on sporadically for a few months until I’m done with all the pictures I took since college — or until I get bored with Flickr.

[EDIT:] Oh yeah — I hit my 20MB monthly upload limit, so I won’t be uploading even a third set until February at the earliest. It’s 25 bucks for a pro account, which gives you 2GB of monthly uploads. There’s no way I’m going to upload that much. But how much will I post? Without knowing, it’s hard to know if the Pro account is worth it.

Also, I’ve been uploading images at their full resolution. I may try resizing them to web-friendly, which I believe is 500 pixels on the wider edge.


5 thoughts on “Flickr

  1. Getting a Pro account was quite possibly the greatest decision of my life thus far. I’ve gone way over 20 MB per month (especially uploading at full resolution) and I was really limited by the maxium 3 photo sets with the regular account. I never resize photos anymore because 1) It’s a pain, 2) people like looking at the full size photos, and 3) It gives me a space to backup my full-size photos if anything should happen to my hard drive.

    Plus I get the little “pro” icon next to my username, which makes me feel important.

  2. Yes a free account only lets you have three sets at a time.

    And I basically use Compaq QuickRestore for everything…computer problems, frying eggs, heating bathwater, fueling my truck. It’s an amazingly versatile tool.

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