The Rangers want Manny?

I just read this story on Fox Rangers might want to trade for Ramirez. Are they crazy? Do they remember what happened when they got A-Rod? Nothing, that’s what. They lost financial flexibility (even though A-Rod deferred money every year) and they sucked each of those three years.

Sure, Texas might make a deal with Boston that leaves the Red Sox responsible for, say, half of Manny’s pay. Let’s say that happens, and they still have reasonable financial flexibility. But the deal reportedly would send Alfonso Soriano to Boston in exchange for Ramirez. I don’t like this deal on paper or on the field.

Manny’s got better numbers than Soriano. But Manny bats right in the heart of that monstrous Boston lineup (see: David Ortiz). Put him in a no man’s land like Texas, and teams will pitch around him. On the other hand, Soriano might blossom in Boston, even more than he already has.

Manny is also four years older than Soriano. Sure, we’ve seen hitters like Barry Bonds go crazy after turning 36, but Manny Ramirez doesn’t appear to take care of his body the way Barry Bonds does (steroid speculation aside). Manny in Texas would likely experience an offensively-depressed transition year, followed by one or two years in which he finds some of the magic from his glory years in Boston (but still won’t reside in a Boston-caliber lineup), then sees his stats drop off. At that point you’ll see more “Manny being Manny” clips on Sportscenter and/or Ramirez will ask to be traded in July.

Meanwhile, Soriano would also likely experience a transition year after going to his third team in four years. After that, he would at worst be a solid lead-off hitter, and at best move to third in the lineup if he develops into more of a power hitter.

If I were Texas’s GM I would avoid this deal. But it’s Texas, and they’ll probably go for it. If I were Boston’s GM (Why not me?), I’d jump at this deal — to rid myself of the annual Manny headache and to get a younger player with talent and speed.

The Rangers want Manny?