More Xbox 360 (Non)Fun

Last night I drove up to Perimeter, GA to get an AeroBed. While I was in Perimeter, I stopped by Best Buy to 1) Cash in my $5 reservations for Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham Racing 3 and 2) See if they had any more Xbox 360s. Thy didn’t have any more systems, but I got the games. And felt very sad.

Then I went to SuperTarget to get the AeroBed. Of course, the first department I visited was the video games department. They had Play & Charge Kits and Hard Drives (Hard Drives!). I picked up a Plug & Charge Kit. And felt very sad.

While I was at SuperTarget I spotted CNN personality Kyra Phillips. Also, I bought several sweaters.

So the fact that Target had hard drives makes me second-guess my Premium-or-none stance on the Xbox 360. Maybe I should have gotten a Core system, and then I could have gotten the hard drive and a wireless controller and I’d be all set. I’d have that unsightly wired controller, but I suppose I could have sold it to Gamestop for $20 bucks or so … maybe I made the wrong choice. Still, at some point over the next month or two I’ll get a Premium System and you can bet I’ll be patting myself on the back.

Until then, I’ll be able to look back and know that I was bored. And felt very sad.

More Xbox 360 (Non)Fun