LCS Wrap-Up, World Series Prediction

I guess I forgot to do this post. The White Sox beat the Angels and the Astros beat the Cardinals. So how does this stack up against my initial predictions? Oh yeah.

I picked both of these teams to lost in the first round.

So at this point the White Sox are now up one game to none on Houston. I’ll go ahead and retroactively make my pick as Houston in seven, although honestly before this series I had no idea who to pick.

Now that Chicago is up one game, I’m thinking that the White Sox will win in five or six.

How did this happen? Six weeks ago the White Sox were about to finish off the most monumental collapse in regular season history. Yet now, after four straight complete game wins in the ALCS, they seem poised to steamroll their way through the 2005 Playoffs. They’ve lost one game so far this postseason. The answer is that not only have they won 8 out of 9 playoff games, they’ve won 13 out of their last 14. The White Sox played poorly in August and most of September, then turned it on when it counted. Since late September, they’ve been playing like a Wild Card team. And as the last three years have indicated, Wild Card teams have done well in the postseason.

Of course, the Yankees made a late charge to win the AL East, so I figured they were playing like a Wild Card team …

Now to change topics — to the 2005 World Series logo. I did a screen capture of and cropped the following image out of it:

2005 World Series logo

Note the red, white, and blue batter logo that is next to the WS05 text. First — and this is what I noticed — the red and blue are inverted. Second, there white border is replaced with a gold border. Third, the colors are modified slightly … the red and blue are a little darker and a little bolder. Perhaps that gold was mixed in a little bit.

I don’t dislike the modified logo. I just wonder why baseball decided to put a different logo out there for the World Series.

LCS Wrap-Up, World Series Prediction