So I Switched to Gmail Finally

Yes, I finally switched to Gmail.

You know what really bugs me about Yahoo Mail? I have to re-enter my password multiple times per day. Not only that, but there’s one screen that tells me I need to log back in, then another screen where I actually type in my password. Why don’t they just consolidate this to one screen? This alone was nearly enough to make we switch.

Google Desktop 2 was enough to put Gmail over the top.

Via email correspondence, Lewis commented that
1. The Gmail plugin should update more quickly, because he has deleted messages but they are still visible in the Deskbar hours later, and
2. Filters created by the user in the native Gmail interface should be applied to Gmail messages displayed in the Deskbar interface, rather than requiring the user to create seemingly duplicate filters.

I’m inclined to agree with him on both points.

I see a correlating deficiency on the Quick View plugin — With the clickable star system, it effectively becomes a Favorites/Bookmarks list. Available on the Google Personal ( site, users can create a bookmarks list. This again seems to be a case where users must duplicate effort to gain similar functionality across a single company’s product line.

Perhaps Google is getting too big for its britches.

So I Switched to Gmail Finally

2 thoughts on “So I Switched to Gmail Finally

  1. Lewis — Ever heard of Konfabulator? It’s kind of similiar to Google Desktop’s sidebar, except that plugins are not confined to a bar on the side of the screen. Plugins are called Widgets. Konfabulator was acquired by Yahoo recently, and being that it is now under the same corporate umbrella with Flickr, a picture frame widget allows you to use your Flickr account (in addition to your hard drive). Conversely, Google Deskbar’s picture plugin allows you to use RSS feeds (in addition to your hard drive).

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