Lance “Frenchy” Armstrong

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France for the seventh straight year. Seven. There is no accomplishment against which to compare this feat.

Michael Jordan won six NBA titles in eight years, but basketball is a team sport.

Pete Sampras won Wimbledon seven times in eight years, but there are four majors in tennis.

Tiger won seven out of eleven majors, but that streak took only about three years, and there are four majors in golf.

Toward the end, Lance competed in fewer events. This might be comprable to winning the Daytona 500 every year (the Superbowl of NASCAR) for seven years. Nobody’s done that.

But did anyone hear Lance’s speech on the podium after he won? I’ve noticed this before — when Lance is among the French, his English almost sounds like it has a French accent. From what I understand he lives over there for six months out of the year, or at least he used to back when he was in more events. When in France …

Lance “Frenchy” Armstrong