Google Toolbar for Firefox

Google put out a toolbar for Firefox. I’m sticking with the Yahoo! toolbar for Firefox. For now.

The kicker is that the Yahoo! toolbar includes my Yahoo! bookmarks. It’s also very nice that the Yahoo! toolbar also tells me if I have new mail in my Yahoo! mail account, and it allows me to put in two custom links right on the bar itself (although I’d like more).

Google doesn’t have any bookmark system. However, Google does have the notification icon, which is better than the mail button on the Yahoo! toolbar in some ways, but why not have both?

I think that users who run Firefox are probably more aware of features and in turn more picky about them. Therefore, because both Yahoo! and Google have put out toolbars for Firefox, I’m hoping that they will put more thought into features. Basically what I want is that first, both companies will steal the best features from the other, and then they will come up with some stuff that no one has ever thought of but once they use it they want it all the time.

Additionally, the Yahoo! toolbar is what is keeping me from switching over to Gmail. I love the bookmarks feature.

Google’s homepage feature allows you to put a privew of your Gmail inbox right on your Google page. I have to admit, that’s pretty nice. Still, I’m on dial-up, and I use Google as my start page because it loads so quickly. The new homepage features eschews images (except for in the weather box), but when it comes to loading speed, less is always more. I can’t help but compliment the drag-and-drop rearranging feature on Google’s homepage. Never seen anything like it on a website.

So … if Google adds an online bookmarks system, and integrates it into their toolbar … I’ll probably switch.

Google Toolbar for Firefox