With Teeth

So there’s a new Nine Inch Nails album out.

Somehow, I didn’t know about it until after it was released. Usually I keep abreast of these things by checking out the NIN page and The NIN Hotline.

The album, With Teeth, was released May 3 (or maybe May 5), 2005. I checked nin.com and lo and behold, they started regular updates on May 5, 2004. I swear to god I checked that site May 4, 2004. Since then? Not so much.

I got the album in DualDisc format. I almost went with the standard CD version, but the DD version included a video on the DVD side. It also has a discography and the album in 2.0 and 5.1 DVD-Audio.

I haven’t even listened to the whole thing yet. As soon as I listen to it a couple times, I’ll post some sort of review. (Traditionally I don’t like NIN albums at first but then appreciate them more the more I listen.) The disc included no book insert. Kind of weird, kind of dumb. It did, however, include a picture of Trent Reznor. If memory serves, that’s a first since Pretty Hate Machine, and in both cases the picture is distorted. Interesting.

Oh, and it’s a single disc, not a double disc like The Fragile, so don’t worry about paying twenty four bucks this time around.

With Teeth