This page is ASP.

Eventually I’m going to switch the whole site over to ASP. I’m kind of pissed, actually. The big thing — the only thing — that has always bothered me about 1&1 is the fact that Server Side Includes (SSI) don’t work. Well, turns out ASP has an analogous method. WTF!

The night I downloaded everything from Tripod and uploaded it to my 1&1 servers, I called 1&1 tech support because my SSIs weren’t working. The person I talked to told me that SSIs weren’t included in my package. So I consolidated all pages … it hurt. Fortunately, when I pasted the code together, I left the includes in and copy-pasted them so I could see exactly what got Frankensteined.

The whole reason I’ve been looking at ASP so closely (besides the fact that I purchased the Microsoft Server plan through 1&1) is because I have my Halo 2 stats, which come from an RSS feed provided by Bungie, and I wanted to take control of how they are displayed. So I’ve been reading ASP web sites like it’s my job.

At least something good came of it.