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You know what Triceratops ate? Ya think it grazed grass? Wrong. There was no grass. It hadn’t evolved yet.

New Hampshire Primary is tomorrow. I’ll hold out comments on that one.

This site has been blocked by my employer’s intranet. I don’t want to say why — I’m afraid that using the name of the category it’s grouped in will just cement its blocked status.

Traditionally, computer pointing hardware, such as the mouse, transmits packets with three bytes of data. When Microsoft introduced the wheel mouse, they kicked those packets up to four bytes. BUT … laptops have pointing devices built in. Some have touchpads, some have nubs — some have both. These built-in pointing devices do not include a wheel. So, they transmit packets composed of four bytes of data.

This isn’t a big deal, until you connect a pointing device that transmits four-byte packets to a PC that is set up for three-byte packets. In such a setup, the fourth byte of data is sometimes interpreted as the first byte of the next packet and — ding! — your pointer jumps.

I use a wheel mouse on my company laptop, and the sucker jumps all over the place. Microsoft has ackowledged this problem; They suggest a BIOS upgrade. I upgraded my BIOS. I disabled the built-in pointing devices. No beans. Isn’t somebody working on a solution to this problem?

Hi There