Red and White

I guess this is something like version 4.0. This time I was going for something a little bit simpler, a little more relaxed, a little bit classier. The design process was definitely more relaxed. This design took one evening and one morning from start to finish. That time also included a lot of ideas that got thrown out.

I spent most of the time redoing the chipmunk. The problem there is that the original drawing is black ink on white paper, and this new site design is white text on dark background … so I had to do something to ensure that the outer edge of the drawing was distinguishable from the background. I trimmed in an outer white line. I almost went with a halo effect, but I think it distracted too much not only from the text, but also the subtle color changes in the background.

The Dan Premo and Historical Context title text is handwritten. I pasted my name together — a capital “D” from here, an “remo” from here … but for Historical Context I wrote one that looked particularly good, so I took it as is.

The navigation and body are in the exact same place that they were in the Orange Juice version. I copied the CSS from the previous style sheet.

Again, I think this version looks better than the last version, and it should load faster to boot.

Red and White