Tha Juice

Got the new page up. It took some work. I don’t know if the new page is great, but I think it’s an improvement over the Green Version, which — strangely enough — is still functional. When I started the project of recreating the site I had something a little different in mind. In fact, the “codename” for the project was Orange Juice. Take a look. It’s scary.

You might notice that I changed the links a little bit. I added links to Oblivion Diaries, WCIFT, and Digital Cluster F***. The link to the homepage is now covered by the Historical Context link because I’ve once again taken to using that moniker for my posts. Let’s face it — the name is just too good to waste.

I also added a small blurb that sits under my name. It loads randomly based on several possibilities.

Unfortunately, I’m still forced to hide the Tripod advertisements. I’m seriously considering plopping down $20 or whatever it takes if it means getting rid of the advertisements. Anyway, you still may occasionally see a drop-down menu floating mysteriously near or even in front of the blurb text. When this happens, I suggest you hit the reload button. (Edit – Ad-free sites cost $4.95 a month. A month! But I had the option of getting stuck with pop-up ads instead of inline ads. If you hate me for serving pop-ups, let me know.- DP)

So that’s about all for now. Let me know what you think about the new design. I would put my email address up, but I’m paranoid about companies scanning web sites for email addresses. I saw a very clever solution to this problem – an image of the text of the email address. Not clickable, maybe not convenient, but very effective.

Tha Juice