Two Updates in Two Days

That’s right. Two updates in two days.

Made some editorial changes to last night’s post. Just a few words and one sentence. If Lewis doesn’t tell me how to fix that table, it ain’t gonna get fixed.

Back to Bush’s stimulus package. It’s supposed to lift the stock market. That’s a nice idea, but the stock market is more of a de facto indicator of how the economy is going. The stock market is not the economy itself. Additionally, money put into the stock market is money invested. Money invested is money not spent. Money not spent makes for a slow economy. A slow economy is a bad economy.

Additionally, what percentage of Americans make their spending decisions based on the last month’s change in the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Maybe zero. Like I said — the stock market is a gauge of the economy. It’s not the other way around.

Hoo … getting tired again. Too much thinking of late? Or four and a half years of not thinking enough?

Two Updates in Two Days