November 2012 Humor

Harry Truman holds newspaper with headline "Teh Haloz Pwns Noobs"
Harry did his fair share of teabagging

Maybe I’m the only person who finds this funny. In high school and college I used to do stuff like this all the time — edit text in photographs and advertisements.

Halo 4 releases on the same day as the 2012 US Presidential Election. Both big events for me.

I preordered Halo 4, but honestly I haven’t had time to be excited about it because I’m too excited about the Presidental race. Hopefully after Obama wins tomorrow I’ll be able to commit ten or fifteen days to Halo 4. I’m sure Julie will be thrilled.

Thank You, Fulton County

Saturday I drove into Buckhead to buy some frames. On my way I hit some backed up traffic. When I got to the scene, police officers were searching a guy’s car. I spotted one officer pull what I can only guess was a nickel-plated revolver out of the trunk. Or maybe it was the back seat. Fulton County.

Then after the frame trip, I drove past my apartment to get some Wendy’s drive-thru. I ordered at the walkie-talkie thing then pulled up behind this. There’s not a lot to say. The guy looked as troubled/befuddled the whole time as he did when I took the picture. Note that his road machine has Fulton County tags. After he finally pulled off with his spoils the lady at the window told me that he had ordered his food there, too — eschewing the convenience of ordering while looking at the giant menu. He also inspected his sandwich and sent it back because he wanted more onions.

To be clear on this, I live in DeKalb County, the county so nice they capitalized it twice. In a span of about one hour I encountered one case of first hand and one case of second hand evidence of crazy people in Fulton County.


For all my Japanese readers:


??????????????????????????????????? 😉


Go Balloons

Just watching the Democratic National Convention coverage on CNN. Immediately after John Kerry‘s speech, several thousand balloons were supposed to fall from the ceiling of the Fleet Center. CNN had a mic on the guy whose job it was to say “go balloons.” He was flipping out. He was so frustrated he actually dropped an f-bomb. (“Where the f— are the balloons?!”)

Also, I just read Lewis’s site. You know — I like to visit it once a month or so to keep his hitcount up. Lord knows the poor kid needs the boost. Anyway, Lewis ripped on the Morrison pics. In response, I will point out the fact that at the top of his site, Lewis points out a “Redesigned Look & Feel.” And I will point out that that’s pretty gay.

Computer Humor

I was thinking about HTML humor again, as I sometimes do. I came across a web site that had an intro page, and the first content page was in a directory called “HTML.” I of course found this to be ridiculous. Putting your site in a directory called “HTML” is like putting stuff in a box and then writing “BOX” on the lid. (It took me about two minutes to think of that analogy.) Anyway, humor. The needless directory got me thinking that putting a site like 10 levels deep in completely nonrelated directories would be funny. Not really worth a laugh, but funny.

In other news, I have a summer job lined up. It’s basically an internship, and it will only be three days a week, but it’s some money, and more importantly it’s something to put on my resume. Of course, now that I actually see a deadline looming for when I will no longer have unlimited free time, I’ve got an idea for a story that I can stretch into more than two pages, and drawings I’ve been working on for months are finally starting to show some promise.

What else? Last Friday Staples had 40 GB hard drives for 40 bucks. You’ve got to redeem a $40 rebate, but I always redeem my rebates. I didn’t need a new hard drive per se, but backing up to a second hard drive is a lot simpler than backing up to a second computer. I’m at a pace where I format about every 8 months, and I currently back everything up to my Compaq via ethernet cable. (Actually, for 5 of the last 8 months I was in VA with no access to my own system, so it’s been more like 3 months.) Now, with the second hard drive, I can just back everything up to it and format the C: drive whenever I want. Or I could even just store all my data to the second drive to begin with. A multitude of options. Of course, I suppose I could have just taken the Compaq’s drive out and thrown it into my current system, but that would leave the Compaq useless if I ever wanted to learn some new network protocol (I’m reading a Java book now). And besides … it was 40 bucks!

Damn Spider

There has been a spider walking around my ceiling for about four days now. Every night it’s in a different place. Tonight I finally got up to kill it, but it’s directly above my TV, which is about the only place that puts it out of my reach. Damn spider.

One other thing: I thought this would be funny …

<asleep>Night time.</asleep> <awake>Day time.</awake>

Maybe “Night time” and “Day time” should be the tags and “asleep” and “awake” should be the text. I was gonna flesh this out a little but it’s a real pain in the ass to type the ASCII-esque code for the greater-than (>) and less-than (<) signs over and over. Is there such a thing as HTML humor?